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An article about the Lund handle has been published in Domus Magazine.
LUND was designed by the Claesson Koivisto Rune Swedish design studio, upcoming designer team in the design scene.
Our Lund handle concept has a concave surface as the handle’s “façade”, setting the tone for the overall design.
The front face is rounded at both ends, softening the overall character of the handles. The end nearest the axel makes a natural resting place for the thumb while the opposing end finishes in a curved surface, helping reduce the risk of clothes being caught when passing the door handle.
The Lund handle sits super comfortably in the grip of the hand.

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ANNA Anna is Tru-Lux system simulates that natural light, allowing you to see full colour variation, so you’ll know when your makeup is colour-correct and flawless. The mirror’s sturdy swing arm provides smooth, effortless, adjustability. 3.5x magnification,ideal for providing exceptional detail while still allowing you to see you entire face at once.
+Solid structure in zinc die-casting & brass chrome plating under UNI EN 248 performances.
+Performing junctions grant adjustable smooth motion and long-life promise.
+Mirror with magnifying factor up to 3.5x ensure precise curvature for distortion-free optics, even around the edges.
+Frame in Tritan™ by Eastman white coated with transparent outer edge.
+Bright Citizien LED strip reaches 600 lux and 90 CRI for comfortable make-up or shaving operation.
+Inner touch sensor grants an IP protection grade IP 54, currently, one of the highest on the market.
+Sensor touch allows easygoing operation and smart dimmable function of the light.
+The innovative inner chip shuts off the mirror automatically after 15 minutes, ensuring smart energy-saving mode.
+CE certification with all test report available for your understanding.
+Consumption 7.0W using high efficiency Citizen bright led LM561B.
+Primary tension 100/240V
+IP 54 – INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION MARKING IEC follow the international standard 60529.
+Touch sensor for switching on and off and with led light and slow motion effect.
+Dimmable function of the light you decide the light power upon your needs.
+Auto off after 15 minutes you can forget to turn it off, taking care of you instead the mirror.
+High performance TRITAN™ CASE the latest performing co-polyester material from Eastman™.
+Brass and zinc alloy chrome plating under UNI EN 248.
+All inner metal components in AISI 304.
+Magnifying factor 3.5 distortion free high resolution coating glass.
+Ultra-clear, high quality glass backed high-purity aluminium coating that provides superior reflectivity and clarity.
+Two years warranty.
+Solid wall fixing coulisse with silicone gasket strong connection to the wall.
+Energy classification A+.


Quality, technological processes and base materials are the main characteristics that determine the great level of our products. However, to avoid surface alterations, it is necessary to follow a few guidelines. Clean all finishes exclusively with soap and water, and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use coarse cloth, abrasive products, acids, ammonia products, caustic substances, bleach or solvent. In case of contact with these substances, rinse surfaces immediately and wipe dry. Remember that even fumes can damage metal. Wash accessories next to the toilet bowl at intervals to avoid corrosion.



We are pleased to inform you that we will attend the upcoming Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.
The figures and the quality of previous editions confirm the importance and attractiveness of an event which is expressing the best Italian and worldwide furniture world.


The main point of our exhibition will be the project “SHOWER ENCLOSURES – GOCCE SENSIBILI“, introduced on the market last year.

spirit FINALE

In addition to the sophisticated aesthetics and high functionality of our shower cabins, in our stand you will admire the latest collections of Colombo Design Bathroom Accessories, which create a design atmosphere in all bathrooms.

campagna per anticipazioni home_en

Thanks to the experience and professionalism that distinguish us, we will be pleased to tell you and our visitors about our philosophy in furnishing and living bathroom.
Sure to impress you with many novelties, we look forward to welcome you in this extraordinary event. now in your language


We are pleased to announce the launch of our website in spanish, russian, chinese and arabic.
Undoubtedly a multilingual website is better to capture the attention of the user who surfs the internet, this effort demonstrates the attention of our company towards the clients by communicating the same language.


Marco Dragotta designed for Colombo Design a furniture handle (F137) and a knob (F532)

Marco Dragotta – Photo credit – Francesco Italia

How did you choose to become a designer?
Lego and drawings characterized my childhood, while during high school I approached graphic design self-taught. As teenager I felt in love for the first computers and I studied computer graphic. After a graphic design course with Mr. Gianni Li Muli, which I thank, I moved to Milan to discover better my passions. Intrigued I attended occasionally the IED lessons, but only when I visited the industrial design department I saw my future.

You are graduated at IED school. What would be your choose now if you had to restart studying?
I would like to get a good design methodology with professional teachers, a multidisciplinary attitude through the essential skills, the opportunity to work in multicultural teams and to perform simulations along with companies. I wish schools would stimulate in neo-designers alternative visions of this profession to weave new relationships between designers, producers and consumers.

Watch designing is one of your core activities: what is your relationship with time?
I’m very Zen in it. You cannot do nothing but to accept its inexorable flow and to do your best to organize it. In our work, sometimes you wish you had days of 36 hours to be able to bring together different activities. It is natural that the organization of activities plays a decisive and preliminary stage to any project if you do not want to live with chronic gastritis. Today I prefer to select and to choose to do fewer things with more serenity.

dds PORTFOLIO Rose water.034

Rose water | Funscuba watch with deepmeter designed for Swatch Group (2004). In the palette of colors and details, the watch was inspired by an underwater photo shoot taken by the designer, a passionate lover of the submarine nature.

You have designed for Colombo Design a furniture handle and knob: what would you compare the link handle-door an handle-furniture?
The door or furniture handles, have always inspired me the concept of the apostrophes in grammar, that links harmoniously two words avoiding cacophonies. So the handle for me takes this symbolism and itself becomes a means of connection between two essential and harmonious environment for doors or between the macro environment experienced by humans and the micro environment experienced by the objects contained in the cabinet.


F137 furniture handle FORMAE| Design: Marco Dragotta (2015)

You say that multidisciplinarity is very important for your job; what influenced you on the designing the products for our company?
In the specific case of Formae furniture handle, I’ve been influenced by my tactile sensitivity and I’ve simply entrusted to the common sense of design as to combine a desire to “feel” tactilely with the fingers a pleasant handle to grip because is rounded inside, and to “see” a handle with a timeless design that would fit well in a wide range of design solutions.


F532 furniture knob FORMAE | Design: Marco Dragotta (2015)

Regarding the Italian designers of your generation, what’s the approach to the global market?
Our market that for several reasons is still generationally connected to traditional patterns of doing business will shortly understand the global market evolution as not to set back. I hope the new generations of designers are realizing that the Made in Italy love by foreigners is not enough. This except for the fashion and the food industry in which the gap is still big with the other countries, where nowadays there are very promising designers and companies.


Galaxy| Revolving self-refrigerated display designed to be compatible with most of the bottles, wine bottles, champagne bottles or others. Designed for Cantina Arredo Group (2013).




Colombo Design presents the brand new handles for this 2015. Doors and windows will gain value when paired with Cameo, Drop, Spider and Trama: authentic designed furnishing accessories. These handles are again testimony of the Colombo Design philosophy where look, with the variation of the finishing, and quality, with the long time warranty, make them the perfect functional touch able to fit harmoniously  in each environment.
The novelties are characterized by the unique design of Colombo Design, based at Bergamo,  that this year  are celebrating their 25th anniversary: Creative and Made in Italy stylish attitude, the real and the authentic quality. Each stage of design and production is carefully analyzed in terms of environmental impact and each subsequent choice is dictated by the environmental objectives.



Spider, the new handle by Colombo designed by Matteo Ragni has a double soul: the strict lines of the front become soft on the back, where the hand touches the handle. A classic proportion, looking for a flawless project. Spider is presented also coupled with the wood, a typological innovation that seeks the perfect match with the material of the doors.



Cameo, the new Neoclassical handle, enriches the Colombo Design collection with a model that unifies the artistic perfection of the past and the modern style, a “cameo” with elegant decorations embossed, designed to enhance the style of the doors and windows.



Drop, the new handle by Colombo has a solid and unadorned style, distinguished by its full and rounded shape (similar to a drop) which allows a strong and safe handgrip.



Colombo Design wants to celebrate their 25th anniversary with a special handle named “Trama” dedicated to the company founders. Ergonomic shapes with a double soul polished and satin, Trama is the best partner for enhancing and personalizing your home decor. Trama is in “Six millimiters concept”, handles with slim roses and escutcheons that don’t need any additional works on the door. Trama is also available with a special cutwork that characterizes the metal aesthetic

Hermitage, the classic line

Precious forms and soft curves generate the HERMITAGE collection, specifically designed for elegant and prestigious bathrooms.

This line is inspired by past classical styles and renewed for the modern needs of today’s living, creating rich and sophisticated atmospheres.


To create the perfect combination with any bathroom style, the HERMITAGE series is available in three finishes: HPS gold, chrome and antique brass.


This series, made in brass, increase the Colombo Design offer, which mission is to produce “Green made” articles of high standard design for the modern habitat, articles that are easily adaptable and that are accessible to who is looking for functionality and durability.
For those who want a bathroom series with high reliability, we recommend our line Hermitage, whose chrome finish is guaranteed for 10 years, and the HPS gold 30 years.


The customer can now rely on a classic style collection but with the unique design that distinguishes the products Colombo Design for 25 years; composed by soap dish holder, glass holder, soap dispenser, brush holder (hanging and free standing); other accessories from Hermitage collection are hooks, paper holders, towel holders (available also as ring towel and double bar) and four models of grab bars.


This new classic range of accessories from Colombo Design, with its authentic beauty, will give you a feeling of warmth that no other style can give your home.



The exciting international event Salone del Mobile comes back also this year, in the 2015, at the Milan fair and in the city center of Milan. Between Tuesday 14th of April and Sunday 19th of April 2015 the fair will happened and many events will take place in Milan city center.


Colombo Design will be present at one of the great Fuorisalone event in the heart of Milan thanks to the collaboration with the Italian Interior designer Andrea Castrignano. The prestigious event “Atelier Durini 15” takes its name from the precious location of the project in Milan: via Durini 15. The building renovation reflects the 100% design philosophy of the plan concept, full of all kind of comforts and high quality furnitures.

3003 flyer retro logo mod

The prestigious event “Atelier Durini 15” takes its name from the precious location of the project in Milan: via Durini 15. The building renovation reflects the 100% design philosophy of the plan concept, full of all kind of comforts and high quality furnitures.


Decorations and details of this fascinating designed environment are surely true examples of originality and design technology thanks also to the use of smart – touch devices.

ingresso Tra i dettagli esclusivi selezionati per il rifacimento dell’appartamento, non potevano mancare le maniglie Fedra di Colombo Design.

card fedra

Among the exclusive design details, the door handle Fedra by Colombo Design stands out. Fedra is an exclusive Colombo Design product by Andrea Castrignano and it just reflects the design style of the “Atelier Durini 15”.
Fedra is here displayed in the Vintage Finish, a special and very particular ancient copper color, testimony of a never ending style.

frdra cult“While the cinema is a 3D experience, my wish was to find the simplicity of a bi-dimensional object and apply it to my design, light and pure. I wanted to design a handle easy to grab and easy to adapt to any indoor designed environment, to any room of the house. I hope I achieved such a goal of mine!”(Andrea Castrignano)

  ATELIER DURINI 15 // LOCATION Via Durini, 15  – Milan 14 – 19 April 2015


The Antologhia handles by Colombo Design in the new, surprising luxury hotel


Palazzo Parigi will captivate you with its majestic spaces endowed with enveloping light, the precious works of art and antiques, its marbles and rich woodwork, the century-old garden, its bright, cosy rooms and suites with private terrace. Haute cuisine is the rule here. Palazzo Parigi, the new 5 star hotel in Milan, elevates the concept of hospitality itself, just a few steps away from the fashion district, Brera and Teatro alla Scala.
Paola Giambelli is the owner and the architect of the building.


The handles supplied to Palazzo Parigi are inspired to Anotloghia Louis XVI model

The handles supplied to Palazzo Parigi are part of the Antologhia collection (models of the past recreated with the style of Colombo Design).
The Antologhia handles by Colombo Design emerged after careful search among selective models of the past.
They are aimed at rediscovering, in various eras of style, the exemplary and timeless value of beauty.

camera 2 camera1 camera3

The guest rooms of Palazzo Parigi – spacious, warm and welcoming – are distinguished by their brightness and are established Palazzo Parigi as the new refined hotel in Milan. Each is different, with private balcony or terrace, and comes in two alternative design styles – the Milan style, contemporary Italian, and the Paris style, classic, graceful French – allowing guests to choose how to live them, according to their personal taste and needs.
The colours – chestnut, beige, ivory and black – infuse the room environment with a sense of harmony and refinement, generating relax and well-being.

3 4 2


Matteo Ragni – Image © Max Rommel

To clarify to everyone the form of design he professes, Matteo Ragni decided to do so using the slogan “We Design for better days” that summarises all the creative energy and optimism for the future that fuels his enthusiasm.
There is a world out there that must be observed, not ignored by hiding behind the word design. In fact the designer draws inspiration from relationships with the world, its people and its enterprises, captivating the sense of an ethical train of thought that accompanies him in every project decision he makes. The design is already there, in the minds of the designers which are always packed with ideas. But the ideas only function when they are conveyed in a profound and feasible relationship with the other and the surrounding environment.
Recently Matteo Ragni showed us how a manhole cover (the “Sfera” model designed for Montini) can be interpreted in an expressive and ironic manner, and for this intuition one can be awarded a Compasso d’Oro (the second of his career).


Sfera manhole cover. Designer Matteo Ragni and Giulio Iacchetti for Montini (2012) Perhaps it is the first time that a component of design has been added to this type of product. The engineering work focused almost entirely on the surface finish for the cast iron manhole covers. The project also involves telling a story, such as the case of the manhole cover with bird feet, designed for use in gardens and parks.


Moscardino – Designer Matteo Ragni and Giulio Iacchetti. for Pandora Design. “This disposable ecological cutlery is the most economical project that has ever won the Compasso d’Oro award. This disposable spork, keeps in itself two fundamental tools to bring food to your mouth. The fork tines become the spoon handle which is the fork’s one. Small, suitable for kids, Moscardino spork is made by “Mater-Bi”, a bioplastic made of maize starch, completely biodegradable.”

The fact that he is exceptionally future-orientated is also seen in another of his projects  TobeUs (brand of hand-made wooden cars) highlighting the value of boosting awareness when using objects and the idea that toys are so important that it is better if they contain ideas, values and hope that help imagine a future where consumption becomes a thought and choice.


TobeUs hand-made wooden cars – ImageFoto © Max Rommel. TobeUs was as a vent of a designer who become father and could not toys just for a few hourse and then desttroying them or stopped looking ate them. According to Matteo ragni the easiest solution in giving children the possibility to love an object. So it is obvious to choose the right material, with a recognizable smell, an unquestioned resistence to impact and texting, and, when the time comes, a dignifed end: recycling or reutilization. This is how the idea of ToBeUs was born; toy cars made of cedar wood strongand sweet-scented beautiful and clever because planned by skyful and passionate designers.”


TobeUs hand-made wooden car – Image © Max Rommel Macchinina “la Romantica” della collezione TobeUs, designer: Matteo Ragni (2008)Afterwards TobeUs has become synonymous of a way of design and create new objects. And so designers who want to draw their own TobeUs have multiplied. It seems that everyone has in the drawer an idea for a wooden toy car. One hundred international designers, between the most important in the world, accepted to play with TobeUs, creating a unique collection of one hundred wooden cars, designed with fantasy, simpleness and the wish to give a message of sustainability and joyfulness to adults and children. But be careful: TobeUs is made by two cuts in a wooden stump that always have the same size, so a project exercise that imposes clear limits.

In his studio in Milan, Matteo Ragni talked about the handle he designed for Colombo Design, one of the new entries in this year’s collection.
The collaboration with the designer started at the Fuorisalone 2014, when Colombo Design took part in the “Wood&More” project for the Emilia based company Alpi, an invitation to observe materials from a new and wider perspective, opening up to new experiments such as, for instance, combining different elements.


Spider handle – Designer: Matteo Ragni (2014)

The handle in question is called Spider and is made from wood and brass, two ingredients which, with addition of a good dose of design, have created a product with a two-fold soul: the more austere lines of the front become softer towards the back, where the hand grasps the handle. Classic proportions searching for an impeccable project where typological innovation strives to achieve the perfect match with the material of the doors.


Spider handle – Designer: Matteo Ragni (2014)– Image © Colombo Design

Where did the design of the Spider handle all start?
As I see it, a handle should be a discrete partner in our life, it should do its job without making too much “noise” about it, so it does not become tiresome over time. In this case however, I also strived to create something unexpected: a more austere front design, reassuring and neutral, that hides a small surprise. Once you grasp the handle, your hand embraces a rounded section which makes it extremely pleasant to hold. 

In the video interview you mentioned you used a “quadroide” shape not only for our handle, but also in the design of other products: can you tell us about one in particular?
The large ellipse, that I mistakenly call a “quadroide”, is an obsession of mine that I have had for years; not a circle, not a square, not straight line. An emblematic project is the Vigorelli wrist watch I designed for Lorenz. The case is “quadroide”, whilst the inner dial is a circumference; the joining of the two shapes creates a satellite dish that resembles the famous cycle racing track in Milan.


Spider collection – Matteo Ragni for Colombo Design (2014)

You described the use of Alpi wood when making the Spider handle as a way to emphasise the idea of total design: what do mean by that?
I have always tried to create small short circuits in my designs; for instance I like the idea that a warm and natural material such as wood can “take possession” of other surfaces like that of a handle which usually has a rather “cold” finish.
This year I also experimented with a brand new application using mirrored class veneers in a series of furniture for Tonelli, achieving extremely interesting perceptive and tactile effects.

Two months ago you were awarded the second Compasso d’Oro of your career for the design of a manhole cover: which element of urban design do you think cities should invest more in?
First and foremost the benches in urban centres which are normally positioned in areas without any common sense at all (think of the benches placed in the middle of large squares under the scorching sun without a hint of shade or trees). I believe there is room for completely new designs in this sense that encourage interaction among citizens and increase the level of comfort and exploitability at different times of the day and in different seasons.

Urban design is the feather in the cap of any city; in this sense, which city do you admire most?
Personally, I adore the street manhole covers in New York, for their texture and, above all, their size, in addition to the renowned smoke effect that always makes me think that there is another secret city underground.

Describe your style as you would to a friend.
It is not a question of style but of common sense. 

Is there anything that could never become an object of design?
All objects are based on design, the difference being that some have a good design, others have a bad design.

Which is the first and last object of design that you used yesterday?
The first was my i-Phone when I turned my alarm off, the last was my i-Phone to turn it off before going to sleep.

What do you know now that you wish you had known when you were 21?
Me at 40.

Can you describe your next project?
A home nestled in the rolling Pesaro hills where I can live and work with my family, my studio staff and young talents who share my passion for good projects (a very near future that I started to enjoy just a few days ago).

And what do you see for the future of handles?
I see handles, definitely without traditional locks (no more bunches of keys in your pocket at last!), perhaps less physical but definitely brimming with significance.

Matteo Ragni, graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano. With Giulio Iacchetti in 2001 he was awarded with Compasso d’Oro ADI for the disposable biogradable spork “Moscardino”, which is now part of the permanent design collection at MOMA New York. He recently won the Wallpaper Design Award ’08 with Leti, a table lamp/book end produced by Danese. In 2008 he founded TobeUs: brand of wooden toy cars handcrafted in Italy, a brand that wants to be a manifesto for consumer’s awareness. With TobeUs he regularly organizes workshops and exhibitions. Recently he published with Corraini “Camparisoda: l’aperitivo veloce futurista: da Fortunato Depero a Matteo Ragni”, and “Wallpaper celebrations”. In 2012 he won the National Award for Innovation “Prize of Prizes” for the project W-eye. At the end of 2013 a celebratory exhibition about his work entitled “Matteo Ragni: Almost 20 Years of Design” was held at the “Italian Cultural Institute of Toronto”. Today, along with his activity of designer, he teaches, he works as an architect and an art director.