June 8, 2017 //

ANNA Anna is Tru-Lux system simulates that natural light, allowing you to see full colour variation, so you’ll know when your makeup is colour-correct and flawless. The mirror’s sturdy swing arm provides smooth, effortless, adjustability. 3.5x magnification,ideal for providing exceptional detail while still allowing you to see you entire face at once.
+Solid structure in zinc die-casting & brass chrome plating under UNI EN 248 performances.
+Performing junctions grant adjustable smooth motion and long-life promise.
+Mirror with magnifying factor up to 3.5x ensure precise curvature for distortion-free optics, even around the edges.
+Frame in Tritan™ by Eastman white coated with transparent outer edge.
+Bright Citizien LED strip reaches 600 lux and 90 CRI for comfortable make-up or shaving operation.
+Inner touch sensor grants an IP protection grade IP 54, currently, one of the highest on the market.
+Sensor touch allows easygoing operation and smart dimmable function of the light.
+The innovative inner chip shuts off the mirror automatically after 15 minutes, ensuring smart energy-saving mode.
+CE certification with all test report available for your understanding.
+Consumption 7.0W using high efficiency Citizen bright led LM561B.
+Primary tension 100/240V
+IP 54 – INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION MARKING IEC follow the international standard 60529.
+Touch sensor for switching on and off and with led light and slow motion effect.
+Dimmable function of the light you decide the light power upon your needs.
+Auto off after 15 minutes you can forget to turn it off, taking care of you instead the mirror.
+High performance TRITAN™ CASE the latest performing co-polyester material from Eastman™.
+Brass and zinc alloy chrome plating under UNI EN 248.
+All inner metal components in AISI 304.
+Magnifying factor 3.5 distortion free high resolution coating glass.
+Ultra-clear, high quality glass backed high-purity aluminium coating that provides superior reflectivity and clarity.
+Two years warranty.
+Solid wall fixing coulisse with silicone gasket strong connection to the wall.
+Energy classification A+.


Quality, technological processes and base materials are the main characteristics that determine the great level of our products. However, to avoid surface alterations, it is necessary to follow a few guidelines. Clean all finishes exclusively with soap and water, and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use coarse cloth, abrasive products, acids, ammonia products, caustic substances, bleach or solvent. In case of contact with these substances, rinse surfaces immediately and wipe dry. Remember that even fumes can damage metal. Wash accessories next to the toilet bowl at intervals to avoid corrosion.